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Whistle Blower Policy

Annexure 1: Template for Reporting Violation
To: Redressal Committee: ________________________________________

Violation details:
  1. Which aspects of the whistle blower policy have been violated?
  2. Who is /are the individual/ people/ functions involved?

Critical Incidents and Factual Data:
  1. Please describe what constitutes the violation i.e. incident details.
  2. List supporting information/ data that you would have, that the Committee can seek from you while investigating.

Date:                                                           ________________________________________

Location:                                                      ________________________________________

Name of the Person reporting (optional):         ________________________________________

Contact Information (including email optional): ________________________________________


Reporting done by individuals disclosing their names will be attended to first. Anonymous complaints are discouraged and would be considered only in extreme cases.
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